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Every Girl Needs a She-ro

A 13 step process of self-discovery designed for women who are ready to commit to living their destiny.  One of a kind, insightfully guided practice in Intentional Creativity®

 This important 13 step guided painting course because it sets the intention for each woman to realize her potential and regain her power over the circumstances of life. 

 Who you have become is not who you will be in 5 years, or even one year.  Meet yourself on the path to self-realization now and see what the possibilities are if you truly live as your own she+hero!


Simply Smashing

A rite of Passage Ceremony for girls leaving childhood and moving into the teen years. 

Each session will include a time to chat, talk, process, ask questions, and eat snacks.  We will also create two to three pages each time in our smash books while keeping conversation flowing. 

Using journal prompts the girls will participate in guided discussions, which we will then use to create the artistic pieces for their  Smash-books.  (Our smash-books are handmade from recycled picture books)


Tree of Your Life

In many cultures there are examples of what they call the Tree of Life.  We also have an internal tree of life that must be tended, nurtured and given proper care in order for it to sustain itself year after year. Our internal tree is fruit bearing, but only if it receives the necessary nurishment to thrive. What is your tree of life needing right now?  What sunshine must you bring to it see it blossom to its full potential?  This workshop will explore these thoughts and insights while making art dedicated to this intention.  A very special workshop that inspires and creates life long change. 


Bohemian Girls

If you think the summer of love, complete with flowers in the hair, went away in the 1970's you are so wrong. The Bohemian Girls workshop is a peace, love and creativity filled time for all young ladies from 11 to 14.  Girls get to talk, eat, write, and have a a mixed media blast while learning about friendships and teen life. 


Diva X - Embrace you Body

 Society has pressured women to maintain a certain weight, image and youthfulness. Diva X will guide you through the labyrinth of messages you have been living with your entire life. Why do most women feel they are unhappy with their bodies? How can you empower your inner guide to take the reins and give you the confidence you need to have full body consciousness without shame or guilt.  Come meet your Diva X  and you will leave feeling proud of your inner workings and outer shield.

Creativity Takes Courage

Decide that now is the time for you to renew your creative spirit. 


And, all materials are supplied by me.

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The Legend of the Red Thread

We begin each workshop in circle - Creating Community

A beautiful part of the process is our opening.  It is a time when we gather in a circle, putting on our red threads and proclaiming our intentions for the workshop.  

The legend of the red thread calls us to community and allows us to feel that we really do belong with this particular group of people at this time. 

 It appears in many cultures and religions but we use the old Chinese version to show interconnectedness between the people who gather in our presence for Intentional Creativity® workshops. 

In Chinese lore it is said that each person you  meet in your life is connected to you by an invisible red thread, and that this thread can bend, twist, become frayed and thin but the bond between  people who come into our lives is so strong that it can never break.  

Our red thread sessions are lovingly crafted experiences of artistic process that allow for authentic sharing and provide a nurturing community.



Red Thread Sessions


A Visionary Plan

Whether you are a business entrepreneur or simply wanting to make a new plan for the next step in your journey, you will love this Red Thread Session.  We will explore the areas of your passion, you identity, your beloveds,  the big picture and your wildest dreams.  This session will not only allow you to intuitively reach decisions, but you may find that you have hidden desires just waiting to bubble to the surface.


Apothecary Cards

We have all heard of  AFFIRMATIONS but often the affirmations we use are not OUR words.  This short workshop will encourage you to find your limiting beliefs and visually remove them by painting your own set of affirmation cards to take home.  Each card is index sized and meant to be a tangible reminder of erasing the negative thought and replacing it with something more positive.  Remember you never need artistic skill to participate in my workshops.


Private and Group Classes

I offer group and private workshops where students paint using a 13-step process which encourages  mindful practice, visioning and journaling, while creating a piece of art that helps individually heal, motivate and guide. 

Private sessions are available to those who would like more support and one-on-one guidance to focus on their own journey. Every session I offer can be taught privately. Please contact me for more details and to schedule your session. 

Online Classes

For those with limited time or access to in person workshops, you can enjoy an Online Workshop in the comfort of your own home. I offer online courses for those interested in a more self-paced setting. Please see the Online Course section for more information. 

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